Outdoor Alfresco Dining Application Form - Temporary

Use this form to apply for Temporary Alfresco dining identified as exempt development under Subdivision 20B or 20C under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development) 2008 (the SEPP).
This is an application for outdoor trading area under the "SEPP" for Temporary Alfresco Dining.
You are advised that, when assessing an application, City of Newcastle (CN) must consider a number of matters, including:
  • public health,
  • safety and convenience,
  • existing development controls relating to the existing use of the business,
  • hours of operation,
  • the maximum capacity of the venue,
  • waste management,
  • food safety pollution control,
  • and the public interest.
  1. Any works consented to under this application are temporary and will be required to be removed by 31st December 2023, unless otherwise advised by CN. Requests for permanent outdoor trading arrangements located in the "road reserve" should complete an application for Outdoor Trading.
  2. The capacity of the venue cannot exceed that permitted by the most recent development consent for the food and drink premises.