Section 138 - Application for New Infrastructure on a Public Road Type 2

Use this form to apply for consent to carry out work on, over or under a public road or footway/verge area (where outside the scope of a Type 1 Application).

Typical works may include:

Public Infrastructure

  • Connection of proposed public roads to existing roads
  • Footways paving, private utilities, landscape works, ramps, pipes, connections to roads
  • Connection of stormwater drainage

Private Infrastructure

  • Permanent balconies and awnings, overhead crossings, encroachments by car parking spaces, posts
  • Temporary anchors
  • Installation or construction of private utility to a public utility


  1. Separate applications are required for public and private infrastructure.
  2. Applications must be in electronic format and include a site plan and construction drawings prepared and certified by an appropriate engineer in the relevant field or in the case of landscape works, a landscape architect.
  3. Refer to Council's Standard Drawings for construction design requirements. Within the Newcastle City Centre also refer to the Newcastle City Centre Public Domain Technical Manual.
  4. If the road is not under the control of CN you will need to apply to the relevant road authority. If the connection is proposed to a Classified Road the concurrence of the Roads and Maritime Services will be required.