Shipping Container Permit

Where there is limited available land at properties for building and/or renovation works, owners may apply to occupy part of the road for the placement of a shipping container for the short term storage of construction materials, in accordance with the Roads Act 1993.

To apply for a Shipping Container Permit, complete the below online form. 

Applications must be submitted at least 5 business days before the required date.

Fees and charges apply. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Standard conditions to place a shipping container on a Public Road
Can I extend or change the dates of my permit?
Fees and Charges

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Purpose: We will use the information to assess the Shipping Container Permit application. 

Intended recipients: Authorised officers contributing to the assessment of the Shipping Container Permit application, including and not limited to City of Newcastle officers and other government agencies.

Supply: The information provided is required to assess the application.

Consequence of non-provision: It is the individual's discretion whether to lodge a Shipping Container Permit application.

Storage and security: Information will be stored in accordance with City of Newcastle’s Records Management Policy.

Access: Contact us by phone on (02) 4974 2000 or attend the City Administration Centre.