Temporary Disability Parking Zone

There are some circumstances in which City of Newcastle may approve the installation of a Disability Parking Zone temporarily outside your home or business.

Please note the following before applying:

  • On-street disability parking zones are not provided where off-street parking is available on the property.
  • The applicant must hold a TfNSW Mobility Parking Permit. If you do not have a TfNSW Mobility Parking Permit, you first need to obtain one from a Motor Registry.
  • On-street disability parking zones are not provided for holders of a Temporary Mobility Parking Scheme Permit.
  • You may be asked to provide a medical certificate with your application.
  • On street disability parking zones are generally only provided where there is no off-street parking AND there is difficulty in finding on-street parking spaces in close proximity to the subject property.
  • If approved, an on-street disability parking zone will be installed as close as possible to the subject property considering adjacent parking space lengths.
  • It should be noted that on-street disability parking zones can be used by any holder of a valid Mobility Parking Scheme Permit. The space is not exclusively reserved for use by the applicant / permit holder.
  • There is a need for the Disability Parking Zone to be scheduled for review within 2 years of installation. This review will confirm circumstances have not changed and may require showing documentation for qualification of need to demonstrate that the Parking Zone is still valid.
  • There is an obligation on the applicant to advise Council if circumstance change.
  • As part of the assessment, a council officer may contact you regarding this application.

To request an application form, please visit our Contact Us page.

Timeframe for assessment

Most Disability Parking Zone applications need to be reported to the Local Traffic Committee for determination due to the possible impacts on neighbouring residents and businesses. Consequently, it may take up to twelve (12) weeks for a successful application to be approved.

Charges and fees

There are generally no charges for the installation of an approved temporary Disability Parking Zone. The zone comprises signage only. On-road markings and kerb ramps are not generally approved for residential purposes.

For information on accessible parking throughout the city, please visit our Parking page.