Ordinary Council Meeting 27 October 2020

27 Oct 2020

Following is a summary of resolutions from the Ordinary Council meeting. NB: it is not a full record of resolutions, please see the webcast archive for more information.

Lord Mayoral Minutes

Special Business Rate and Newcastle Events Sponsorship Projects

A Lord Mayoral Minute that congratulated 15 successful project applicants for the 2020 Special Business Rate Program who have received a share of $935,000 in funding for diverse initiatives to activate business precincts and support local small businesses was supported. It also recognised the 16 recipients of the Newcastle Events Sponsorship program, who have received a share of $177,000 from the City of Newcastle to hold world-class events and activations across the City.

City of Newcastle submission to the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia's creative and cultural industries

A Lord Mayoral Minute to prepare a submission, on behalf of local arts and cultural sector workers, to an Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into creative and cultural industries and institutions, was supported. The Inquiry will examine the social and economic benefits of the creative arts and how to recognise, measure and grow opportunities, as well as the impacts of COVID-19 and how to best ensure cohesive policy between all levels of government.

Ordinary business

Tabling of Register of Disclosures of Interest - Annual Report
Council voted to table the Register of Disclosures of Interest for the financial year 2019/2020 in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Councillors, staff, and Committee Members, Delegates of Council and Council Advisors respectively.

Adoption of the 2019/20 Financial Statements
Council received and adopted City of Newcastle’s 2019/2020 audited annual Financial Statements and Auditor's Report.

Adoption of Amendments to the Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012
Council voted to adopt the amended Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012 (NDCP). This review was undertaken as a housekeeping amendment to update anomalies and inconsistencies in the NDCP 2012.

Adoption of Heritage Strategy 2020/2030
The Heritage Strategy 2020-2030 was endorsed by Councillors and sets the vision, objectives and measurable outcomes to protect and promote heritage in Newcastle, and provides a framework for managing the city’s historic assets.

Endorsement of Heritage Amendments to Newcastle LEP 2012
Council voted to amend the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 in order to address heritage matters.

Adoption of Planning Proposal to amend Newcastle Local environmental plan 2012 for land at Wickham
Councillors voted to adopt the Planning Proposal that includes amendments to the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 to implement actions identified in the Wickham Masterplan. The preparation of the Wickham Masterplan included economic and market analysis to ensure the vision for Wickham may be realised through the redevelopment of existing former industrial uses.

Public Art Reference Group update
Council received the Public Art Reference Group Annual Report 2020. Council also endorsed the continuation of the Public Art Reference Group as a ‘standing committee’ of Council to continue outside the term of the elected Council and the expansion of the membership of the Public Art Reference Group in 2021 to include up to five external experts.

Adoption of amended Community Participation Plan
Council adopted the amended Community Participation Plan (CPP). The amendment removed the requirement to give public notice of planning matters in a local newspaper.

Executive Monthly Performance Report
Council received the Executive Monthly Performance Report for September 2020.

Notices of Motion

Implementation of Live Music and After Dark Strategies - Planning Certificates

A Notice of Motion acknowledging the importance of growing the City’s night time economy was supported. Council will seek a report back on the implementation of the Live Music Strategy and After Dark Strategy item regarding planning certificate notation.

Broadmeadow Heritage Rail – NSW Government Transport Heritage Items

A Notice of Motion about the importance of the state heritage-listed Broadmeadow Rail Depot was supported. The Notice of Motion noted community concern about the removal of heritage-listed rolling stock from Broadmeadow to Chullora, in particular some 22 items considered to be of particular relevance to the rail heritage of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. The City will write to the NSW Minister for Transport ensuring that any required under Section 60 of the Heritage Act are obtained before any further removal of locomotive stock occurs and noting that City of Newcastle will not support removal of the heritage items from Broadmeadow Rail Depot.