Stockton Safety Update

27 Sept 2019

Students are being warned about the dangers of sand cliffs due to the erosion on Stockton Beach, ahead of the school holidays.

A warning has been issued for people not to stand too close the top or bottom of sand cliffs, as they have the potential for sudden collapse under zero weight loads, without warning.

Coastal engineers have identified the most dangerous area as the zone 4m back from the top of the sand cliff and anywhere around the base, City of Newcastle staff have marked the danger area at Barrie Crescent, to help to alert locals of the danger.

High tides and swell are expected this weekend (28/09/19) and this could lead to further erosion. If this occurs City of Newcastle will remark the 4m danger exclusion zone.

The beachfront north and south of the rock seawalls and at the Caravan Park have also been identified as a dangerous zone, people are encouraged to exercise caution when visiting the beach.

We have developed the  Stockton Erosion Frequently Asked Questions (pdf).