Works continue to protect Stockton's coastline

30 Sept 2022

City of Newcastle is making progress with the implementation of actions outlined in the Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020, with tenders to be called soon for the construction of a new buried seawall.

The buried protection structure at the southern end of the existing Mitchell Street rock wall is the first of three new structures to be delivered to shield Stockton's coastline and reduce the chance of erosion during large swells.

Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the design for the structure was developed based on a detailed assessment of possible options first undertaken as part of the 2020 Coastal Management Program.

“We considered a range of factors when coming up with this design, including each option's ability to address both erosion from storm events and long-term beach recession, its ability to protect public assets at high risk sites, as well as how well each option enabled access to the beach and how it will look to beach users once its constructed,” Cr Nelmes said.

"We also considered environmental impacts and performance, and the cost to construct and maintain the structure over the long term."

The buried seawall will consist of underground vertical concrete piles that extend from street level to 8.5m below ground. Once constructed only the very top of the round beams will be visible at ground level.

Construction is planned to start early next year and is complemented by a range of emergency repair works already underway at hotspots up and down Stockton Beach.

"The repair works, including renewal of sandbags and addition of new rockbags at a range of locations is important to secure these sites ahead of construction of permanent, vertical, buried structures."

City of Newcastle reminds the community to follow safety warnings and to adhere to any accessway closures or hazard notices that impact use of the beach while this work is completed.