Delivering Newcastle 2040

2023-2024 Delivering Newcastle 2040

City of Newcastle (CN)'s Delivery Program and Operational Plan are known as Delivering Newcastle 2040.

Delivering Newcastle 2040 is one of our most important documents as it demonstrates how we will achieve the community's visions and priorities, including clear actions that guide the delivery of our services and projects.

The Delivery Program is a commitment for what the elected Council will achieve during its four-year term of office and is the primary reference point for all activities undertaken by Council. The Operational Plan (including the Annual Budget) identifies the projects, programs and actions that CN will deliver over a 12-month period commencing from 1 July 2024.

The City will invest almost $377 million into Newcastle during the next financial year, delivering more than 260 projects and $137.3 million for upgrades or new community infrastructure.

Program highlights include:

  • $22.5 million towards the expansion of Newcastle Art Gallery
  • $14 million to complete the remediation of the former landfill site at Astra Street in Shortland
  • $13.5 million for environmental sustainability, including $1.5 million towards street tree planting
  • $8 million towards planning and protecting our coastline, estuaries and wetlands
  • $6.9 million for urban and city centre revitalisation projects including the next stage of the East End upgrade in the Hunter Street Mall, and Local Centre upgrades at New Lambton
  • $5m will be invested in cycleways and transport options
  • $4.9 million on stormwater upgrades to address localised flooding
  • $4.7 million towards the construction of an organics facility to compost food and garden waste and a materials recovery facility to increase our capabilities for recycling and reuse of waste products
  • $4.2 million towards the replacement of the Boscawen Street Bridge to reduce the risk of flooding in the Wallsend CBD
  • $2 million to continue works to beautify and improve access along Bathers Way.

You can view a summary version (PDF) of 2023-2024 Delivering Newcastle 2040 or the full version (PDF).

Summary version:

Full version:

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