City Centre

The vision of the Newcastle City Centre Business Improvement Association is to act as a facilitator of conversations, projects and initiatives that best serve the changing and diverse needs of an evolving local business community. In practical terms it aims to promote the development, beautification and advancement of local businesses within the area through a coordinated and structured promotion, advocacy and planning program. This Business Improvement Association is provided funding annually from the City of Newcastle to further these goals.

Executive Board Members

  • Kendall Brooks – Chair (Brooks Events & Marketing)
  • Shanelle Lowe – Vice Chair (Chandler Macleod)
  • Damien O’Brien – Treasurer & Public Officer (O’Brien Winter Partners)
  • Taiyo Namba – Secretary (Namba Group)

Ordinary Committee Members

  • Lucy Glover – Kafey Cafe
  • Kristy Coady – Design Bug
  • Chris Russell - CIMS Cafes
  • Blake Phillips - Pokey Newcastle

Upcoming Board Meeting Schedule

The City Centre / Darby Street Business Improvement Association Board meets monthly to plan projects and consider proposals for the development, promotion and beautification of its local business precinct. If you are a business owner or commercial property owner in Newcastle's city centre or Darby Street area, and are interested in either being invited to attend or to present a proposal to a board meeting, please email:

Month Date Meeting Type
July 26/7/2023 Ordinary Board Meeting
August 23/8/2023 Ordinary Board Meeting
September 20/9/2023 Ordinary Board Meeting
October 18/10/2023 Ordinary Board Meeting
November 29/11/2023 Annual General Meeting
December 19/12/2023 Ordinary Board Meeting


Newcastle BIA Constitution (PDF)

Governing Documents

Meeting Minutes