Rip Currents


Most of the thousands of rescues that happen each year on our beaches are related to rips.

Rip currents are a strong, steady flow of water that surge from the shoreline back out to sea. Once past the waves, the current slows down and the same water comes back to the beach again.

Lifeguards place the flags away from rips, however rips are constantly moving. If you do find yourself caught in a rip you need to remember that they will not pull you under or take you kilometres out to sea. Don’t panic, stay afloat, put your hand up and yell to signal for help.

Science of the Surf by Dr Rob Brander

Rip currents are the greatest hazards on our beaches. This national award-winning video shows what they are, how to spot them, what to do if you get stuck in one, and the different types of rips.