Seniors Festival 2024


Seniors Festival 2024 provides a great opportunity for seniors to get out and about enjoying events and activities, and making social connections.

Previously known as 'Seniors Week', the festival has now expanded to a two-week celebration running from 11-14 March 2024, which recognises the roles and contributions of our older adults in our local communities. The festival runs across NSW and offers great opportunities to get together, discover new services, learn new skills in fitness, craft, technology and much more. In Newcastle there is so much on offer with over 50 ways to connect with your community.

The festival is for people over 50 and their carers. Get involved by attending the Seniors Expo or checking out the local events that have been organised in our Community.

Seniors Expo & Comedy Gala - 11 March 2024

City of Newcastle are proud to be hosting the Seniors Expo & Comedy Gala Festival on the 11 March 2024. The expo will be held on the first official day of the 'Seniors Festival' and will include stalls, demonstrations and presentations from local community groups and organisations. Light refreshments will be available to assist you through a big day of activities.

The Expo will commence at 10am at Newcastle City Hall (290 King Street, Newcastle) and conclude at 4pm. There is a lot to see and do at the Expo over the course of the day.

What to expect:

  • 10am to 1pm - Expo Stalls and light refreshments.
  • 11am to 12pm - Comedy Gala with performances from Jean Kittson, Dave Williams, Sarah Gaul, Daniel Townes and Sean Woodland. Purchase your ticket.
  • 12pm to 1pm - Take a walk through Wheeler Place and visit more stall holders and listen to live performances from our local choirs.
  • 1pm to 4pm - Get interactive with live demonstrations and presentations from local community groups and services. This is an exciting new addition to the Expo and has something for everyone!

'Reach Beyond' this Seniors Expo

The Seniors Expo is a great way to meet the local groups and services in our area, but why not go along to their events and get a better taste of what they have to offer.