DA2019/00061 and DA2019/00061A - 11-17 Mosbri Crescent The Hill

Members of the community are invited to view and make comment on the following application:

  • DA2019/00061 - 11-17 Mosbri Crescent The Hill: Residential accommodation, strata subdivision, earthworks, and demolition – residential accommodation comprising three residential flat buildings (161 units) and multi-dwelling housing (11 two-storey dwellings), strata subdivision (172 lots), car parking, tree removal, landscaping, access and pathways, associated site works and services, earthworks, mine grouting works (including associated temporary plant and equipment), and staged demolition of existing structures.

The development application and the documents accompanying the application are publicly available on City of Newcastle’s website.

City of Newcastle acknowledges that there are a substantial number of files on the Application Tracker in relation to this proposal. For ease of reference all plans and documentation submitted with the amended application have been named with the prefix "CURRENT" and are located on the electronic file named DA2019/00061A.

All previously submitted documentation and submissions have been re-named with the prefix "superseded" and are located on DA2019/00061.

Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet has been prepared and explains why there are two electronic files and the content of files located on each one. The file sizes associated with the information available on the Application Tracker can take time for documents to open, please be patient whilst the web site loads.

Please view the current documents on the Application Tracker by searching on DA2019/00061A.