Repealed - DCP 2012

Development Control Plan 2012 (DCP 2012) is superseded by Development Control Plan 2023 (DCP 2023), commencing 1 March 2024. 

Savings provisions apply and DCP 2023 does not apply to any development application lodged but not finally determined before its commencement.

Exemptions to the savings provisions exist in respect to the following sections of DCP 2023:

  • D4 Commercial,
  • E3 Tighes Hill Local Character, and
  • E4 Kotara Local Character.

For more information please see DCP 2023 - Part A - A1 Introduction for further detail.

Should you have any queries regarding DCP 2012 or DCP 2023, please contact CN's Customer Contact Centre on 4974 2000.

Repealed - DCP 2012