Coastal Management and Planning


Our coastline is a sensitive natural environment that is exposed to natural processes, population growth, coastal lifestyles, and coastal hazards which create complex challenges. We are responsible for planning for and managing these challenges.

What we're doing

The NSW Government has established a Coastal Management Framework which includes the Coastal Management Act 2016. Local Governments across NSW are preparing Coastal Management Programs in line with State Government legislation to outline the long-term strategy for managing the coastal zone.

Coastal Management Programs set the long-term strategy for coordinated management of the coast with a focus on achieving the objectives of the Coastal Management Act.

Working with the community and our stakeholders, we have developed, or are in the process of developing, planning documents to outline the strategy for managing the hazards that impact our coastline and the Hunter Estuary.

Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018
Stockton Coastal Management Program
Southern Beaches Coastal Management Program
Hunter Estuary Coastal Management Program
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