Stockton Coastal Management

Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020 

Page last updated on 8 September 2020

It is recognised by the City of Newcastle that Stockton Beach is precious to its local community and to those who visit Stockton each year. To help to protect and preserve this unique area of coastline City of Newcastle (CN) has developed a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton in partnership with the local community.   

The coast is constantly evolving and thus its management must be based on rigorous and current scientific investigation. The Stockton CMP 2020 includes long-term actions to ensure CN can help to effectively manage, maintain and protect Stockton’s coastline.  The Stockton CMP was developed in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016 (CM Act) and Coastal Management Manual.

City of Newcastle worked closely the Stockton Community Liaison Group, government agencies, coastal experts and members of our community to develop an achievable strategy that worked to maintain Stockton’s sense of identity.

The Final Stockton CMP was published in the Government Gazette on the 7 August 2020 and can be viewed, along with supporting documentation below. To learn more about the development of the CMP take a look at our storyboard.

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Stockton CMP

View the Stockton Coastal Management Program August 2020 (PDF) 


The certification allows the City to move forward with the implementation of the CMP’s immediate actions.

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Stakeholder and Community Engagement

The City has engaged a wide range of stakeholders, including the Stockton Community Liaison Group (SCLG), to develop the Stockton CMP.

Stockton Beach Works Updates

More information and latest updates on the response and management of erosion at Stockton Beach.