Report a Missed Service

Before reporting a missed service:

  • Did you get it right on bin night?
  • Do you live in a busy or narrow street? In areas where access can be difficult, our drivers may be due to return later in the day.

How to notify us

Please wait until 4pm to report a missed service, unless all other households in your street appear to have had that particular bin serviced.

Bin TypeHow to report:

Red lid or

Green lid

Complete our missed collection form
or call 02 4974 2000 (8am – 5pm weekdays)
Yellow lid

Complete our missed collection form

or call 02 4920 1455 (7am – 5:30pm weekdays)

Missed service requests must be lodged within two business days of your collection day, otherwise your bins will not be serviced until your next regular collection.

We endeavour to service missed bins within 72 hours of notification. Please leave your bin on the kerb until it has been emptied.