Get it right on bin night


Help us to service your bins on collection day

  • Present your bins on the kerbside by 5am on your collection day. If that sounds a bit early for your liking, you can put them out the evening before.
  • Face the front of your bins towards the road, with the wheels facing towards your house.
  • Try to space your bins one metre apart. This helps the lifting arm on our collection truck to reach in and pick up your bin.
  • Avoid placing bins near—or behind—parked cars, trees or poles.
  • Avoid placing your bins underneath low hanging powerlines or trees. Our truck needs to raise your bins high to tip them.
  • Don't overload your bins. Our trucks can't lift your bins if they're too heavy.
  • Don't overfill your bins—the lid should be able to close. Overflowing bins can create litter.
  • Put the correct wastes in each bin. If our drivers identify contamination, you'll need to remove the non-complying items before we can service it.