Special Business Rates

Special Business Rates (SBR) are collected for the promotion, beautification and development of the precincts of City Centre/Darby Street, Hamilton, Mayfield, New Lambton and Wallsend.

A new round of SBR funding for the suburban precincts of Hamilton / New Lambton / Wallsend has recently been completed. Successful applicants will be notified shortly. 

The next round of SBR funding for the City Centre will now begin in Q3. Digital information sessions will be held to provide further information to interested applicants. 

Expression of Interest Guidelines (PDF) are available for all interested businesses and community groups. These guidelines will be updated prior to the City Centre funding round in Q3. Feedback from successful 2019/20 SBR recipients will be incorporated into the new guidelines following an Ideas Exchange workshop, which is scheduled for May 2020.

In 2019, thirteen applications were successful for the City Centre/Darby Street precinct, one application for Wallsend and one application for Hamilton. The successful applicants shared in approximately $820,000 in funding. A brief synopsis of each successful project is available at the following