Change of Existing Street Numbering Application

Use this form to apply for a change to existing street numbering and addressing. If requesting street numbering for newly constructed dwellings or buildings, please use our Street Numbering Application – New Development form.

Fees may be associated with changes to house numbering, as per City of Newcastle's (CN) Fees and Charges document. All fees are payable prior to an Addressing Allocation document being issued.

City of Newcastle (CN) will only consider changing a street or unit number if there are difficulties in locating the property. Changes will not be approved if the reason for the request is one of the following:

  • Personal preference
  • Religious reasons
  • Superstition
  • Avoidance of unlucky numbers
  • Changes to property value

Any new addressing provided will be in accordance with the NSW Address Policy and User Manual and the Australian/New Zealand Standard: Rural and Urban Addressing (AS/NZS 4819:2011).

You will receive an Addressing Allocation document once the application has been assessed and if CN make changes to the existing street/unit numbering, you will be required to display the number of your premises properly and at your own expense.

Requests to change one dwelling/unit number may result in the renumbering of an entire building or property.


CN will investigate whether there is development approval prior to allocating additional street numbers for secondary dwellings.