Street Numbering Application - New Development

Use this form to apply for street numbers for new developments. There is no fee associated with this application.

Street numbering will be allocated in accordance with the NSW Address Policy and User Manual and the Australian/New Zealand Standard: Rural and Urban Addressing (AS/NZS 4819:2011).

You may have been allocated street numbering as a condition of your development consent. Please check your development consent prior to completing this form.

Note: Street numbering will only be allocated to approved developments.

If making changes to existing street numbering, please use the Change of Existing Street Numbering Application.

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Application Details
Location and title description of the property
Details of the development
Details of related applications
Supporting information

Privacy Statement

Purpose of collection: 
To enable CN as the consent authority to assess your proposal 

Intended recipients: CN staff and other government agencies that may be required to assess the proposal

Supply: The information is a statutory requirement related to the assessment of the application

Consequence of non-provision: Your application may not be accepted or processed due to a lack of information

Storage and security: Information will be stored in accordance with City of Newcastle’s Records Management Policy. Individuals can access the details of the application under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 

Access: Your information can be checked for accuracy by calling (02) 4974 2000