Islington Park Dog Off Leash Area

We know that the people of Newcastle are passionate about their dogs and want places for their dogs to safely run free.

Since adopting the Dogs in Open Space Plan, we delivered our first fully fenced off leash dog park at Acacia Avenue, North Lambton, and we recently asked the community about preferred options for a new dog park in the Lambton area. We appreciate the community feedback and further consultation will be carried out if a dog park is to proceed in Lambton in the future.

We are now turning our attention to improving existing off-leash areas across the city and have recently completed enhancements the existing off leash area in Islington Park.

Islington Park off leash area was identified in the Dogs in Open Space Plan, with recommendations to install partial fencing to reduce the risk of dogs running onto a road or car park, improve the surface, plant additional trees for shade, provide infrastructure such as seating, shelter and dog drinking water facilities, and increase the frequency of bin collection.

Upgrades to the off leash area in Islington Park included:

  • Concrete path connecting carpark and entry
  • Double entry gate with bin
  • 1.2 metre high partial fencing
  • 1.8 metre wide path connecting entry and shelter
  • Shelter with table seat
  • Additional seating
  • Bubbler
  • Sandstone garden beds
  • Tree planting.

Islington Park dog off leash area has reopened, with most of the planned improvements to the park now complete.

A shelter, seating, bubbler and sandstone garden beds have been installed, and mobility parking has been established within the carpark located to the north of the off leash area. A new connecting path from the carpark into the park has also been constructed.

We’ve heard the community’s feedback regarding the reinstatement of fencing along Throsby Creek and are currently investigating options in consultation with Hunter Water.

A portion of new fencing has been installed along the northern edge of the off leash area, and we worked with Hunter Water to finalise the remaining section of fencing along the northern edge from the carpark across to Throsby Creek.