No. 1 Sportsground Redevelopment

The extensive redevelopment of the iconic and historic No.1 Sportsground has been completed, solidifying's Newcastle's position as a world-class events city by attracting elite AFL and cricket matches.

The redevelopment included:

  • Larger playing field size
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Installation of a sub-soil irrigation and drainage system
  • New sight screens
  • New player dug out benches
  • Construction of 7 new wickets
  • Re-built playing surface
  • New concrete bleacher seating
  • New oval perimeter fencing

Latest news

Redevelopment timeline

September 2020Site establishment by contractor
November 2020Removal of light towers
November to December 2020Bulk earthworks
January to March 2021

Blended soil prepared for use on playing field

Installation of new drainage

April to May 2021Installation of new irrigation system
April 2021Installation of new light towers
May to June 2021

Construction of new cricket wickets

May to June 2021Installation of new playing field perimeter fencing

July 2021 onwards

New turf laid

December 2021New turf established
October 2022No. 1 Sportsground reopened for use