Stage 2

This page contains the education resources designed by City of Newcastle to teach water safety in the classroom and online. Included in the teacher resources section are the teacher explanatory notes and a full set of activity sheets. We’ve also provided our water safety PowerPoint presentation, posters and flyer for use in the classroom as desired.

Teacher resources

Stage 2

1. An introduction to water safety in Newcastle

View the S2.1 activity sheet: Find-a-word (PDF)

2. Pool safety

View the S2.2 activity sheet: Spot the difference at the pool (PDF)
View the S2.2a extension activity: How to swim safely at the pool (PDF)

3. Beach safety

View the S2.3 activity sheet: Emergency or risky situation? (PDF)

4. Open water safety

View the S2.4 activity sheet: Being safe around water quiz (PDF)
View the S2.4a extension activity sheet: Water safety recount writing (PDF)

5. An introduction to resuscitation

View the S2.5 activity sheet: Design a resuscitation poster (PDF)

For more information on these activities please refer to the teacher explanatory notes.