Our Philosphy

Our Vision

We strive to provide a space which respects and nurtures the uniqueness and potential of each child. We actively promote the early years as a time of discovery, exploration and the development of skills which will be drawn upon in all life stages.

Our Beliefs about Childhood

We believe that children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who have the ability to actively contribute to their own education.

We recognise that childhood is a time for exploration, discovery, imagination and investigation. As a result we will provide programs and learning experiences that are rich in opportunity and possibilities. We believe that the individual child is capable of determining their own ability and allow children to take risks and push boundaries which in turn will enhance learning and promotes an awareness and understanding of limitations.

We pride ourselves on establishing relationships which support children to:

  • Develop and maintain a strong sense of identity
  • Be connected to and able to contribute to the world around them
  • Develop a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Be confident and actively involved in their own learning journey
  • Communicate effectively.

Our Beliefs about the Learning Environment

We promote the idea that children and adults thrive in environments which are safe, secure and provide a sense of belonging. Providing environments which reflect these beliefs ensure that growth and development will remain uninhibited.

We believe that the environment has the capacity to act as a teaching agent. We endeavour to provide both indoor and outdoor play spaces which are aesthetically pleasing, natural, inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities. Our environments are designed to reflect the children’s interests and are spaces where we promote autonomy, initiative and respect for the ideas and input of children, families and educators.

Our Beliefs about Sustainability

We believe strongly in educating the next generation about their role in reducing our carbon footprint. We aim to instil sustainable practice into play by respecting and equipping our children to care for and maintain our vegetable gardens and participate in composting and recycling.

Our Beliefs about Community Involvement and Collaboration

We believe that families are the most powerful and influential teachers in children’s lives. We strive to develop meaningful and positive relationships with families as a means of providing the best learning outcomes for children.

Through open communication, collaboration and a shared view of acting in the best interest of the child, our families and educators are able to work together to achieve learning goals and enhance the experience of early education.

Our service recognises the vast diversity amongst our families. We aim to bring to life these differences through providing a program which recognises beliefs and values while enhancing our understanding of culture. We believe that through valuing and sharing our cultures, ideas, knowledge, strengths and differences we will be able to deliver experiences which are child focused and non-tokenistic.

As a community based not- for-profit service we value the integral role the community plays in supporting the wellbeing of children and families. We actively engage our children in experiences and opportunities which allow them to connect with their local community and develop a sense of belonging. 

Through excursions, the inclusion of performers and promoting positive and active relationships with visitors to our service such as workmen, our children are able to learn about the world around them and make sense of how they fit into that world.

Our Beliefs about Wellbeing

We acknowledge and value the importance of health and wellbeing and how this contributes to the experience of learning Our programs and routines encompass these values through the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle.

We believe that daily tasks such as mealtimes provide endless possibilities for learning and through listening to the child’s voice we are provided with indirect opportunities to learn about culture, family traditions and values.

Our centre recognises the need to provide a safe space for children to learn and grow. We endeavour to eliminate hazards which in turn promote safety and wellbeing. 

Our Role as Educators in Early Childhood

We believe strongly in the role we each play in the lives of the children we care for. We are passionate, dedicated individuals who promote lifelong learning. Our team is made up of highly experienced and qualified educators who are committed to self-reflection, professional development and continual improvement.

We view our selves as advocates for early education and advocates for rights of the individual child. Through teamwork, research, innovation and dedication we are able to promote the importance of early childhood education and foster the role it plays in learning for life.