Our Facilities


Ducklings Room

0-2 year old children 

Our beautiful Ducklings are aged from 6 weeks to 2 years old. We have a ratio of one educator to four beautiful children with a maximum of eight children per day. We strive to create a caring and safe environment for our Ducklings with our priority being a child first centre. Our curriculum focuses on play based programming with activities set out to follow the children’s interests.

We believe in educating children on the importance of sustainability and encourage this in everything we do, from maintaining our vegetable garden, to re-use, reduce, recycle and up cycle many items from our surroundings. We have passionate and dedicated educators who, through professional development and research, strive to provide the best for our entre.

Koalas Room

2-3 year old Children
Our Koalas room caters for our 2-3 years old children. This is a lovely small group of up to 10 children with lots of space to explore. Children in this age group are developing their independence through self help skills, toileting and general choice of activities.

We enjoy seeing the large growth in development of our children in this room, from developing their verbal communication skills and being able to have conversations with their educators, to concentrating very hard to thread a bead and develop their fine motor skills. We encourage independence through making choice and developing skills that let them express themselves and develop a sense of achievement. 

Researchers Room

3-5 year old Children

In the Researchers room we base our educational curriculum onplay based learning experiences, combined with quality intentional teachable moments. We believe that each child is different and learns in different ways. To achieve the best learning opportunities for each child, we base our educational program around achieving goals for each child as individuals. Our primary focus is ensuring that all children receive quality education for life.

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more rich and intense their experiences will be. We must widen the range of topics and goals, the types of situations we offer and their degree of structure, the kinds and combinations of resources and materials, and the possible interactions with things, peers, and adults.” – Loris Malaguzzi. 

Investigators Room

(3-5 year old Children)
Our investigators room caters for 3-5 year old children. We believe children learn through exploration and play and base our curriculum on the children’s interests. Our program is delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with years of experience working with this age group.

Our 'Emergent Curriculum' provides rich opportunities for early learning that best occurs when children and Educators collaborate. Environments based on children’s interests deepen real opportunities for children to play for pleasure and within that play children practice what they have already learned, building on knowledge and skills.

Our Outdoor Environment

We have a very generous sized outdoor environment filled with natural resources for our children to explore. We maintain a vegetable garden year round and utilise this to educate our children on sustainability.

Our Kitchen and Dining Room

Meals are a time to communicate and share with your peers. We are extremely fortunate to have a separate dining area for our children to eat their nutritiously prepared meals. We find this promotes a homelike experience of sitting down and eating a meal together.