Regulatory-Water Cooling and Warm Water Systems Notification Form

Use this form to apply to notify a water cooling or warm water system.

Under  Clause 12 of the Public Health Regulation 2012 (pdf) there are some mandatory fields that must be completed.


Cooling-tower (1) means a structure in which steam is condensed or water is used as a coolant to lower temperature.

Water-cooling system (2) means
(a) a device for lowering the temperature of water or other liquid by evaporative cooling, or
(b) an evaporative condenser which incorporates a device containing a refrigerant or heat exchanger.

A water-cooling system includes a cooling tower and its associated equipment and pipework. Please note two or more interconnected cooling towers equal one water-cooling system.

Warm-water system (3) means a system designed to heat and deliver water at a temperature of less than 60°C at each outlet point.