Business Pollution

The Business Pollution Prevention Program is an environmental inspection and education program for Newcastle businesses and industry.

The Business Pollution Prevention Program aims to assist businesses in reducing their impact on the local environment. The program is based around a series of proactive business inspections and assessments throughout the Newcastle area. The program provides premises specific information and advice about ‘best practice’ environmental improvements that should be undertaken while at the same time ensuring that businesses are complying with environmental legislation.

Preventing stormwater pollution

Stormwater is rainwater that flows across hard surfaces into stormwater drains or into local waterways. The stormwater system includes street gutters, drains, pipes and channels that transport rainwater to waterways. Stormwater is not treated so it is important to keep all pollution out of the stormwater system.

The BPPP program aims to raise awareness and to prevent stormwater pollution from businesses.

Further information on preventing stormwater pollution from your business can be found in the fact sheets section below.

The Office of Environment and Heritage has also produced industry specific information. Information and guidelines can be obtained from the Environment and Heritage webpage or by calling the Environment Protection Authority pollution line on 131 555.

Trade wastewater

Trade wastewater is any water used or contaminated in conducting your business processes and activities. All trade wastewater drains on your premises must drain to the sewer, not the stormwater system. Businesses may require a permit from Hunter Water before discharging wastewater to the sewer.

Business Pollution Prevention fact sheets

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