No. 1 Sportsground Redevelopment

We are delivering a multimillion-dollar major redevelopment which will see No. 1 Sportsground become equipped to host major cricket and AFL matches.

The project commenced in September 2020 and is due to reopen in early 2022.

The redevelopment includes:

  • Larger playing field size
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Installation of a sub-soil irrigation and drainage system
  • New sight screens
  • New player dug out benches
  • Construction of 7 new wickets
  • Re-built playing surface
  • New concrete bleacher seating
  • New oval perimeter fencing

Latest news

Redevelopment timeline

Timing Works
September 2020 Site establishment by contractor
November 2020 Removal of light towers
November to December 2020 Bulk earthworks
January to March 2021

Blended soil prepared for use on playing field

Installation of new drainage

April to May 2021 Installation of new irrigation system
April 2021 Installation of new light towers
May to June 2021

Construction of new cricket wickets

May to June 2021 Installation of new playing field perimeter fencing

July 2021 onwards

New turf laid

December 2021 New turf established
January 2022 No. 1 Sportsground reopened for use

*Please note above timings are weather dependent

Frequently asked questions

The redevelopment of No. 1 Sportsground will deliver an economic boost to the City as the ground will be capable of hosting first-class cricket and AFL matches.

The increased playing field size, addition of new wickets, lighting upgrade, new seating and new fencing will bring the ground up to a regional level cricket and AFL facility.

City of Newcastle has made arrangements to relocate affected clubs throughout the 2020/21 summer and 2021 winter sporting seasons. 

A water cart is in operation onsite each weekday to control dust movement. 

We're undertaking improvement works at National Park’s No. 5 and No. 6 Sportsgrounds. The work will improve the playing surface of both grounds and allow for effective management of the flood storage capacity of National Park. Work commenced in early March and is scheduled to be completed in late 2021, ahead of re-opening to sporting groups post-summer.

The new lighting, which will be installed as part of the redevelopment, consists of six 42-metre poles providing up to 750 lux which is suitable for professional sporting events. The lighting level is adjustable which means that the venue can be used for training, amateur and semi-professional competition.The new PA system is a purpose-built model for the amplification of public announcements. The new system is fitted with volume control and will be used for ground announcements and commentary during events.

Hunter Water has two storm water culverts that lie beneath the No. 1 Sportsground playing field. We are working with Hunter Water to clear the culverts of debris and conduct repairs which will improve storm water drainage from Cooks Hill into the Cottage Creek Stormwater channel.

City of Newcastle will continue to work with key stakeholders to develop future plans to enhance the amenity of No. 1 Sportsground and continue to attract major sporting events to Newcastle.