Submit your Annual Fire Safety Statement

To successfully submit your Annual Fire Safety Statement please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and complete the Annual Fire Safety Statement form from the Department of Planning and Environment's (DPE) website, include all relevant dates and required signatures.

    Please ensure that all essential fire safety measures and their minimum standards of performance, are recorded on the form, and that they are identical to the current fire safety schedule for your building. The current fire safety schedule on CN's records was attached to your reminder email. If there are anomalies between what is listed on the attached schedule and what is installed in your building, or the fire safety schedule appears to be incorrect, please refer to the relevant advice on our website or contact us on (02) 4974 2000.

    Any statement that is submitted on the incorrect form, is incomplete, or does not meet all legislative requirements will be returned for amendment and resubmission. Additional fees may be charged for incomplete applications and/or any resubmission, as per CN's Fees and Charges.
  2. Arrange payment of the invoice that was sent with your reminder, for the administration fee associated with the processing of the annual fire safety statement.
  3. Submit your completed form to:
  • CN using the below lodgement form and
  • Fire & Rescue NSW via their website.

Once submitted, an acknowledgment will be sent to the email address you provided. Please contact us on (02) 4974 2000 if you do not receive this. 

We will be in contact with you should we require any additional information.

*denotes mandatory field

E.g. FS2012/0100
Please ensure all dates and signatures are completed on the form prior to uploading.

Privacy Statement

Purpose: We will use the information to process your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Intended recipients: Authorised City of Newcastle Officers.

Supply: The information is a statutory requirement related to the processing of your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Consequence of non-provision: A Penalty Infringement Notice may apply.

Storage and security: Information will be stored in accordance with City of Newcastle’s Records Management Policy.

Access: Contact us by phone on (02) 4974 2000 or attend the City Administration Centre.