Beach Water Quality


Beachwatch was established in 1989 because of community concern about the impact of sewage pollution on people’s health and the environment at Sydney’s ocean beaches. Beachwatch monitors beach water quality in the Hunter and other regions.

In the Hunter Region, beach water quality data is collected by the Hunter Water Corporation each week at 17 beaches across the region. Results are published weekly on Hunter Water’s Beachwatch and in the Newcastle Herald.

Ocean Baths

We routinely monitor four ocean baths throughout the year for water quality. These are Merewether Main Pool, Merewether Learners Pool, Canoe Pool and Newcastle Baths.

Help prevent beach pollution

Beach water is affected by:

  • Heavy rain, because of pollution caused by stormwater contamination and sewerage overflows
  • Litter dropped by beach users
  • Everyday activities in the catchment (such as washing cars in the street) can also contribute to the pollution of our beaches.

There’s plenty we can do at home to help prevent beach pollution:

  • Wash your car on the lawn and use minimal detergents
  • Consider natural alternatives to pest control
  • Install a dual flush toilet
  • Waiting until you have a full load of clothes to do the washing.

Beachwatch is a service provided by the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) in collaboration with the Hunter Water Corporation.