Fernleigh Track

The Fernleigh Track is an attractive and popular walking and cycling path, created along the route of a former rail corridor in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions of New South Wales.

It provides a pleasant travel route through a bushland setting with links along the way to adjoining residential communities. The track is a popular facility, used for both localised commuting and recreational purposes.

The 15km shared pathway from Adamstown to Belmont is fantastic for walking or cycling.

Please note: The use of motorbikes on the Fernleigh Track is illegal.

Features of the Fernleigh Track

  • Provides a peaceful and scenic walking and cycling track, through beautiful bushland and wetland areas
  • It has easy grades for people of all fitness levels
  • The Fernleigh Tunnel is the connection point between Lake Macquarie and Newcastle and it even appears in a few television commercials
  • It provides a safe off-road link between residential and employment areas
  • Former stations and heritage railway relics are visible from the Track.

Access Points

Major access points with car park available

  • Adamstown train station, Park Avenue
  • Burwood Road, Kahibah (car park at entry to Glenrock State Conservation Area).
  • Station Street/Hudson Street, Whitebridge
  • Cowlishaw Street, Redhead
  • Railway Crescent (via Wommara Avenue), Jewells
  • Railway Parade, Belmont

Other points accessible by car but without formal car parks:

  • Fletcher Street, Adamstown
  • Dibbs Street/Brisbane Water Road, Adamstown
  • Brisbane Water Road/Bailey Street, Adamstown
  • Kinross Avenue, Adamstown Heights
  • Faul Street, Adamstown Heights
  • Paterson Close, Whitebridge
  • Station Street/Candish Street, Whitebridge
  • Oakdale Road, Dudley


The Fernleigh Track shared pathway is a joint project of Lake Macquarie City Council and the City of Newcastle. Funding for this project was provided by both Councils and State and Federal Government grants.