Our Industrial Heritage

A city celebrated for its iconic industrial heritage, Newcastle is transforming into a smart, liveable and sustainable city.
City of Newcastle has a plan to support Newcastle’s transformation from a steel city to a lifestyle city with vibrant public places, connected transport networks and a distinctive built environment.

Like other cities with strong industrial backgrounds, there are some parts of Newcastle that are impacted with contaminated land which stem from historical industries including brickworks, collieries, foundries, smelters, steelworks and incinerators.

As new information regarding potentially contaminating former land uses and other contaminated land information is being confirmed by Council's on an ongoing basis, City of Newcastle encourages local residents to learn more about Newcastle’s proud past and what is being done to make our city an even better place to live.

Newcastle’s Industrial Past

Before and after

Newcastle, a city famous for its industrial past is changing.

A city known for being the home of major industries spanning brickworks, collieries, foundries, gasworks, smelters, steelworks and incinerators is transforming into one of Australia’s most celebrated lifestyle cities – one that is famed for its fantastic beaches, distinctive architecture and laidback lifestyle.

City of Newcastle has been proud to partner with the local community on many transformative projects that are helping Newcastle’s transformation.

Major current remediation projects in Newcastle

  1. BHP
  2. Clyde Street