Stockton Coastal Management Program

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Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020

The Stockton Coastal Management Program (CMP) 2020 includes actions to help manage, maintain, and preserve the coast between the northern breakwater of the Hunter River and Meredith Street. This area is shown on the map.

The program has mass sand nourishment as its primary coastal management action to improve beach amenity and protect coastal lands. This involves placing a large amount of suitable sand off Stockton from the break wall to just past Meredith Street.

The Deputy Premier's Stockton Beach Taskforce, chaired by the NSW Deputy Premier, announced in July 2021 that three suitable sand sources have been identified through geological survey for mass sand nourishment on Stockton beach.

Mass sand nourishment needs to be complemented by other coastal management actions to prolong the benefits of the sand buffer and ensure the entire Stockton Bight can be enjoyed by locals and visitors for years to come.

Stockton Coastal Management Program 2021

Work is underway on the Stockton Coastal Management Program (CMP) 2021, with the aim of identifying additional coastal management options to extend the life of mass sand nourishment, identified as the priority coastal management action in the Stockton CMP 2020.

We have assessed a long list of possible coastal management options for the Stockton CMP 2021. Based on feedback from the community (PDF 227KB), four schemes have progressed for further investigation. Click on the images below to learn more about each of the four schemes.

These four options are summarised in our printable Fact Sheet (PDF).

The Stockton CMP 2021 will also extend the geographical area covered by the Stockton CMP 2020 to include the northern end of Stockton Beach from Meredith Street to the Port Stephens Local Government Area boundary, as shown on the map. The land to the north of Meredith Street is owned and managed by Defence Housing Australia, Hunter Water, Crown Land and the Department of Communities and Justice, and we’re working closely with these stakeholders during development of the 2021 CMP. These stakeholders need to agree to the coastal management actions in the Stockton CMP 2021 to allow it to be sent to the NSW Government for certification.

What's next?

graphic showing stages of coastal management program Developing the Stockton CMP 2021 is a five-stage process directed under the Coastal Management Act 2016. We have completed Stages 1 and 2 with scoping, sand movement and hazard studies carried out since 2019. We are now working on Stage 3 which involves assessing the feasibility of the four coastal management options to extend the life of the mass sand nourihment. Those schemes that are considered feasible will then be included in a viability assessment which consider the cost of each scheme and allow us to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. This information will be detailed in the Stockton CMP 2021.