Beresfield Local Centre

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City of Newcastle has completed infrastructure works for Beresfield local centre with dramatic improvements to the drainage, stormwater system, roads, pathways and lighting in the local centre while retaining the character of the area.

Beresfield local centre was one of the first centres to be renewed in 2018/19 as part of our local and neighbourhood centres program.  A community celebration was held to mark the completion of the revitalisation works for Beresfield local centre on 20 September 2019.

We worked with local businesses and residents to develop a public domain plan for the infrastructure works for the centre and are continuing placemaking consultation with the community for the area on the corner of Beresford and Lawson Avenues.


  • A 40km/h zone and associated traffic calming devices to reduce speed and increase safety
  • Road and pedestrian lighting upgrade, including lighting to the railway station
  • Drainage renewal and rain garden which will improve the quality of water run-off that enters Hexham Wetlands
  • New site appropriate street trees
  • New street furniture, including seats, bike racks and bins
  • New kerb, gutter and footpath
  • Renewed road pavement
  • Retention of on street parking
  • Free WiFi.

Placemaking Project status

As part of the infrastructure renewal a new public space for the community has been created on the corner of Beresford and Lawson Avenues.  This prominent space has the potential to be a focal point for the community.

In 2019 we held workshops with local schools to develop creative themes for the space.  This was followed up with a community place-warming session on-site to gather ideas from the community.  We have also teamed up with the University of Newcastle to develop creative ideas for the space using this information provided by the community.  This collaborative approach builds on research undertaken by the University on urban heat island effect. 

The community has had the opportunity to view and vote on 3 concept ideas for landscaping and art, from 25 November to 9 December 2019.  The community preferences were for Concept proposal 1 (Corner garden with Green and Golden Bell frog mural); and Concept proposal 2 (underwater with Blue Billed Duck mural) so the final design will be a combination of these design options which will include both a shelter and tree canopy.  Murals with a wetland animal and water theme will be developed and even using a special heat reducing paint for footpath surfaces. The community's chosen concept is planned to be delivered on-ground in early to mid 2020.

This Project has been assisted by the NSW Government and supported by Local Government NSW.  City of Newcastle received Grant funding from Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (Round Two) from the Minister for Energy and the Environment for design and construction of this project.  This will fund post construction measurements of urban heat through smart city technology in collaboration with University of Newcastle.


Project update
Infrastructure works opening celebration was held in September 2019.
Voting on landscaping and art concept options as part of a community placemaking project on the corner of Beresford and Lawson Avenues has now closed. The preferred concepts were Concept 1 (Corner Garden/frog) and Concept 2 (Underwater/duck) and final design work is now underway. The new public open space is planned to be delivered on-ground between March and June 2020.