Carrington Local Centre

We dramatically improved drainage, roads, pathways and parking along Young Street while keeping the village character of the area with our $3 million upgrade to Carrington's Local Centre.

Carrington was the first centre to be renewed as part our Local Centres program. We worked with local businesses and residents to develop a public domain plan and then asked for feedback throughout the design and construction period on elements including tree species.

The public space is also suitable for community events and public projects to activate the local centre.


  • Permeable paving to improve stormwater capacity
  • Water-sensitive urban design
  • New street trees
  • Pedestrian-friendly street design
  • New kerb, gutter and footpath
  • Renewed road surface
  • Road and pedestrian-lighting upgrades
  • Improved pedestrian crossings at both ends
  • Introduced rear-to-kerb parking to improve safety.

Celebration opening

A community celebration was held to mark the revitalisation of Carrington Local Centre on 21 June 2019.