Outdoor Trading Submission Online Form

Use this form to lodge a submission in relation to an Outdoor Trading Application. To view applications currently on exhibition, please visit our Public Notices webpage.

How do I make a submission?

To make a submission, complete the below online submission form by 5pm on the nominated notification closing date for submissions.

A valid submission must:

  1. Include the application number and property address.
  2. Include your name, residential address and contact details.
  3. Be received within the notification period.
  4. Disclose any political donations/gifts made.

In the body of your submission, please clearly state the reason/s as to why you support or object the proposal. Important points can be highlighted using dot points and/or headings. See the below FAQs to learn more about the relevant matters to include.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What matters should I include in my submission?
Is my submission confidential?
What happens when City of Newcastle receives my submission?
Can I make a submission after the closing date?
Do I need to disclose any political donations/gifts made?

Privacy Statement

Purpose: We will use the information to support the assessment of the application.

Intended Recipients: Authorised officers contributing to the assessment of the application, including and not limited to City of Newcastle Officers and other government agencies

Supply: The information provided is a requirement for the processing of your submission.

Consequence of non-provision: It is the individual's discretion whether to lodge a submission.

Storage and Security: Information will be stored in accordance with City of Newcastle’s Records Management Policy.

Access: Contact us by phone on (02) 4974 2000 or attend the City Administration Centre.