Outdoor Dining

City of Newcastle encourages the establishment of outdoor dining areas throughout the Newcastle region.

There are guidelines you need to follow to get approval to establish an outdoor dining area. An outdoor dining area will only be permitted in association with an approved food business.

The Outdoor Dining Guidelines contain all the requirements necessary in relation to outdoor furniture, toilet facilities, the consumption of alcohol, shade structures, cleanliness and maintenance.

Pets and outdoor dining areas
What are the site requirements for an outdoor dining area?
Is smoking permitted in outdoor dining areas?

Making an application

Before making an application it is recommended you read through application options to see which application best suits your needs. 

There are two options for outdoor spaces:

1. Outdoor Dining Application

What does the Outdoor Trading/Dining Application cover?
Will I need to update my liquor license?
I would like to install permanent furniture
What fees are involved?

2. Outdoor Alfresco Dining Application - Temporary

When would this application apply?
Will I need to update my liquor license to accommodate the temporary space?
What fees are involved?