City Centre Revitalisation

The City Centre Revitalisation priority involves work with the NSW Government and the private sector to revitalise Hunter Street and the city centre. The light rail route from Wickham to Newcastle East, a multi-purpose transport interchange at Wickham and the overhaul of city streets are all component parts. Also integral are relocation of the City's administration to the new West End CBD, development of a bus interchange there as part of a mixed-use development and transformation of the David Jones building and neighbouring blocks in Newcastle East.   

West End Stage One Public Domain Plan

Under the West End Stage One Public Domain Plan, Birdwood Park will become the main civic space of the city's future CBD and comprise an outdoor café, a pedestrian plaza and open green space for civic and cultural events.

West End Stage Two Streetscape Plan

Separated cycle ways, new dedicated green spaces and wider streets to improve pedestrian and traffic flows will be built in the City’s emerging CBD following the adoption of the West End Stage 2 - Streetscape Plan.

East End Stage One Streetscape Plan

Blue stone footpaths, cobblestone laneways and new outdoor eating and retail opportunities are part of a plan to overhaul Hunter Street East.

City Centre Project Updates

City Centre project updates includes West End, East End and other projects.