Coastal Revitalisation

Newcastle has a spectacular coastline and we’re working on projects that will make sure it can be enjoyed now and into the future.

Our Coastal Revitalisation Program began in 2010 as part of a long term commitment to enhancing this natural resource.

One of the key projects is the Bathers Way, a 6km stairless coastal pathway that links Nobbys Beach in the north to Merewether in the south.

We're also working to:

  • Improve access to the beach and coastal buildings
  • Improve traffic and parking
  • Manage cliff stabilisation
  • Regenerate dunes
  • Implement water-sensitive urban design initiatives to filter stormwater
  • Deliver wayfinding signage and heritage interpretation.

There are projects in various stages of planning, design and construction, and community engagement is an important part of each one.

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These documents are guiding the development and delivery of this Priority Project: 

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan reflects the community's vision for the city and is our guide for action.

Ocean Baths

We're upgrading and improving Newcastle and Merewether Ocean Baths.

The Bathers Way

Our flagship project - a continuous path linking our iconic beaches from Merewether to Nobbys.

Coastal buildings and facilities

Upgrading and delivering community facilities to make coastal access easier.

Environment and protection projects

We're working on a range of environmental and coastal protection projects.

Recreation and Reserves

From beach seating to skateparks, these projects make it easier for everyone to enjoy open spaces on our coast.