Contracts Register

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act,  City of Newcastle are required to keep a government Contracts Register.  This register records information about each government contract to which we are a party that has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 (including GST) within 45 working days after the contract becomes effective.
The value of a contract is whichever of the following values is appropriate to the kind of contract concerned:
(a)  the total estimated value of the project
(b)  the total estimated value of the goods or services over the term of the contract
(c)  the value of the real property transferred or
(d)  the rent for the term of the lease.
The sales and leases  Contracts Register (pdf) was last updated 18 October 2019.

The tenders Contracts Register is available below.

It should be noted that the Tenders Contracts Register currently includes Class 1 Contracts, under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. We do not currently have any Class 2 or 3 Contracts.


We note that none of the entities on this register are related body corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) in respect of the contractor, or any other private sector entity in which the contractor has an interest, that will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations under the contract or will receive a benefit under the contract.


All contracts have standard clauses which allow for variations, but require the approval of the City of Newcastle.


  • 2003 - 2010
  • 2008
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
2007-150T Smorgon Steel Recycling
Contact No: 2007/150T Company: Resource Recovery Service SWMC Awarded: 01 January 2010 Value: -$241,560 Tender method: Open tender
2008/444T Fort Scratchley Catering
Perform catering services at the Fort Scratchley Historical Site for a period of up to 20 years. The site includes a new Multi Purpose Function Centre with an indoor / outdoor café and the occasional use of the Barracks Rooms and Parade Ground.
2013/075T Enterprise Resurce Planning Systems and Services
Council is seeking an experienced vendor to provide an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is functionally aligned to the needs of local government operations
2015/374T Provision of Security Services
Security services including mobile patrols, foot patrols and static guards for various Council properties and recreational areas and the provision of 24/7 monitoring of electronic security systems at various facilities for a period of up to 4 years.
2015/204T Provision of Facilities and Services for the Impounding of Companion Animals
To provide and operate a Pound and perform tasks associated with the management of impounded companion animals for a period of 5 years
2015/195T Audio Visual and Webcasting Equipment Replacement for Council Chambers
Replace the existing audio visual, conferencing and webcasting equipment in the Council Chambers. The contractor is to supply, install and commission a complete turnkey solution and on-going provision of webcasting and hosting of Council Meetings.
2016/430T SWMC Organics Processing
Newcastle City Council requires a contractor to receive and process approximately 18,000 tonnes per annum of Garden Organics and approximately 4,000 tonnes per annum of Wood Waste for a period of at least 3 years
2016/390T Waste Vehicle Tracking and Route Management System
Council seek to engage a suitable and experienced service provider to supply and implement system that will monitor, report, manage and track waste collection vehicles
2016/325T Event Management Software System
The provision of an events management software solution.
2016/056T Conservation of Southern Facade & Entry - Newcastle City Hall
Conservation works to the Newcastle City Hall Southern and Eastern Facade Southern entry ramp stairs, Porte-Cochere and Balcony Stairs
2017/478T Provision of VOIP Equipment & Services
Newcastle City Council requires a contractor to supply a range of VOIP equipment (including SIP handsets, call centre hardware and display panels) as well as providing ongoing VOIP service support for a period of at least 2 years
2017/477T Network Hardware Supply & Support Services
Newcastle City Council requires a contractor to supply a range of network hardware (including routers, switches and servers) as well as providing ongoing network hardware maintenance and support services for a period of at least 2 years
2017/407T Hire of Heavy Plant SWMC
The permanent on-site hire of 4 designated plant items and the casual hire of other designated plant items on an as required basis.
2017/401T Occupational Health Physican Services
The provision of occupational health physician services to council and its employees for a period of up to three years.
2017/375T In-House CAD Services for Civil Design
The provision of in-house CAD services for Civil Design projects
2017/374T In-House Civil Design Services
Casual, on-demand in-house civil design services for Council
2017/283T Supply and Delivery of Multi Function Poles
Supply and delivery of multi-function poles and associated smart city technology
2017/060T City Hall Catering Services
Council seeks a catering company that will deliver first rate menus and customer service to a diverse and growing civic, wedding, celebration, conference and business meeting markets
2018/433T Internal Audit Services
Perform internal audit services
2018/419T Provision of Banking Services
The provision of transactional banking services to Council for a period of up to 6 years.
2018/415T Tree Planting & Tree Establishment Services
To perform tree planting and tree establishment services throughout the Newcastle Local Government area.
2018/414T Tree Works Services
The provision of tree maintenance works throughout the Newcastle local government area for a period of up to 2 years. Tree maintenance work includes tree pruning, removal, stump & root grinding, tree root investigation and installing root barriers.
2018/380T Stockton Beach Holiday Park Management Services
To perform Management & Operational Services at the Stockton Beach Holiday Park (SBHP) for a period of up to five years with the option to extend for a further five years
2018/298T Outdoor Labour Hire
Provision of Outdoor Labour Hire
2018/244T Low Power Wide Network (LPWAN)
The supply of LoRaWAN technology and the subsequent design, installation and ongoing operation and management of a LoRaWAN solution.
2018/234T Road Safety Barrier Systems (Guardrail)
Supply and Installation of galvanised steel guardrail and terminals, wire rope fence post and cable with associated fittings and supply only of galvanised steel guardrail and terminals, wire rope fence post and cable with associated fittings.
2018/041T Fluvial Geomorphology Services - Various Creeks
Geomorphology Services for various creeks
2018/025Q Beresfield Swim Centre Turnstile Attendant/Cashier Services
The provision of turnstile attendant / cashier services and kiosk operations at Beresfield Swimming Centre for period of up to two swimming seasons.
2018/004T Ecological Advice - Various Disciplines
The provision of advice in relation to the management of Council’s natural asset portfolio (terrestrial, estuarine and marine ecosystems) on a casual, as required basis for a period of up to 3 years
2019/483T On Demand Bus Trail Funding Agreement
Facilitate the Newcastle On Demand bus trial
2019/423E Business Improvement Associations Support Services
Implementation of the revised Business Improvement Association (BIA) Model. Provision of support services for BIA's in Newcastle, Hamilton, Mayfield and Wallsend for a period of 2 years.
2019/381T Supply and Service MultiFunction Devices
Supply and installation of a range of low, medium and high-volume Black & White (B&W) and full colour (FC) MFDs. The vendor under the contract will provide ongoing maintenance to all devices from the date of installation.
2019/370Q Pole Relocation Works - Cnr Albert & Railway St, Wickham
Supply and install approved materials as per the relevant network distributor standards, per supplied contestable certificted design SC13957
2019/358T Provision of Managed Desktop Services
The services being sought under this Request for Tender are for the recommending, quoting, supply, build, deploy and ongoing end-to-end management of PC’s, laptops and tablet devices.
2019/321T Specialist Plumbing Services
The services must be performed or supervised by a NSW Fair Trading licensed plumber. The work is primarily the cleaning, maintenance and servicing of mechanical plumbing for sewer, fountain, pools and irrigation installations at public facilities.
2019/320T Electrical & Communication Services
Experienced eletrical contractors to perform installation, repair and maintenance works to the electrical and communication infrastructure within Councils bulidings and facilities throughot the Newcastle LGA area for a period up to 3 years
2019/300T Tyrell Street Bridge Replacement
Construct a two span, two lane prestressed concrete plank road bridge and associated civil works at Tyrell Street Wallsend. Works also includes the requirements for materials to be used and procedures to be implemented during the construction of all work
2019/297T Newcastle City App - Mobile Application Development
mplement native mobile apps. The City App will allow the City to add a digital information layer for Newcastle incorporating real-time data feeds, augmented reality experiences and an up-to-date guide about events and news in Newcastle.
2019/280T Office Fit-OUt - 12 Stewart Avenue
The City of Newcastle requires a contractor to undertake the construction management of a new office fit out for 6,185 m2 of floor space (across 6 floors)
2019/279T Smart Parking Servies
Install smart parking capabilities in an around the City Centre
2019/272T Supply of Ready Mixed Concrete
Supply and Delivery of ready mixed concrete works throughout the LGA
2019/255T Biennial Road Pavement Crack Sealing Services
Contract Description For the casual supply of bituminous road surface crack sealing and concrete slab joint sealing or rehabilitation services within the Newcastle local government area during the contract period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.
2019/254T Biennial Road Pavement Rejuvenation Services
Supply and spraying of bituminous emulsion rejuvenators to asphalt and sprayed seal pavement surfaces. The spraying works will be at various locations throughout the Newcastle local government area.
2019/253T Biennial Spray Sealing Services
Casual supply of bituminous road surfacing services to various locations with the LGA.
2019/252T Biennial Asphaltic Concrete Services
Supply; supply and delivery; and the supply, delivery and laying of asphalt, including removal of existing asphalt pavement material as required. The works will be at various locations throughout the Newcastle LGA.
2019/251T Biennial Supply of Base & Sub Base Materials
For the casual supply of road base and sub base materials during the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021. Supply may include supply only and or supply and delivery. Tenders may be submitted for any one or more of the specified materials.
2019/250T Biennial Hire of Slope Mower & Operator
For the hire of a tractor mounted slope mower with operator where the slope mower and operator will be working on a scheduled basis.
2019/248T Biennial Concrete Pathway Construction Services
Concreting services for the construction of concrete pathways throughout the Newcastle local government area on a casual basis for 2 years.
2019/247T Biennial Hire of Plant & Trucks & Equipment
The hire of plant and trucks (wet & dry hire) and minor plant & equipment for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.
2019/246T Biennial Road Line Marking Services
Casual supply and application of RMS approved long life road marking materials and the removal of road line markings during the period 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2021.
2019/245T Biennial Supply of Pre-Cast Concrete Stormwater Pipes & Pre-cast Concree Products
For the casual supply and delivery of pre-cast concrete products including pre-cast reinforced concrete stormwater pipes during the period 1/7/2019 - 30/06/2021
2019/244T Biennial Supply of Sands & Rock Dust
Casual, on-demand supply of materials to Council during the 2 year contract
2019/243T Biennial CCTV Inspection Services
The Service is for the casual CCTV inspection, reporting & cleaning of underground stormwater conduits and maintenance structures during the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.
2019/242T Biennial Supply of Soils
Contract Description The casual supply & delivery of various soils throughout the Newcastle local government area during the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.
2019/241T Biennial Supply of Turf
The casual supply of cultivated turf to various locations within the Newcastle local government area during the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021. Supply may include supply and delivery or supply, delivery and laying.
2019/222T Supply of Waste Bin Enclosures
For the supply of waste bin enclosures on a casual, on-demand basis over a period of 5 years. As an option, council may extend the supply period for up to 5 more years
2019/145T Hire of Wheeled Excavator & Telescopic Handler
For the permanent dry hire of a wheeled excavator and a telescopic handler for a 3 year period at council's SWMC.
2019/144T SWMC Organics Processing Facility
Construction of a new Organics Processing Facility with 12 months operations management at Summerhill Waste Management Centre.
2019/141T AutonomouS Vehicle Shuttle Service
Council requires a suitably capable supplier for the supply, maintenance and operation of an automated vehicle and autonomous shuttle service for a nominal 12 month trial.
2019/139T Development of a Strategic Sports Plan
Develop a strategic sports plan to address future demand and inform thye ongoing supply, maintenance and upgrade of sporting infrastructure
2019/135T Astra Street Remediation Design
A suitably qualified design consultant to deliver the remediation design for the former Astra Street Landfill site including all necessary engineering disciplines from site investigation through to concept design, detailed design, construction and post hand over support.
2019/127T City Intelligent Plantform Implementation
To implement, what it is terming, a City Intelligent Platform (CIP). The CIP will underpin all Smart City Initiatives via end to end data connectivity, integration, storage, analytics and presentation.
2019/120T Library Services Management System
The provision of a management system solution which will allow library customers to access and interact with a range of Council library services via their existing library card. This includes making library fine payments, adding credit and the booking of library equipment and facilities.
2019/100T Economic Advice and Business Case Development
Economic advice and cost benefit analyses for a range of major projects to facilitate development of project business cases and feasibility studies over a two year period.
2019/095T Supply of Library Books and Resource Materials
Supply of Library Books and Resource Materials
2019/088T Minor Civil Works in Road Reserves
To perform minor civil works within road reserves throughout the City of Newcastle LGA during a two year period. The works will be ad hoc maintenance works including repairs to failed pavement, footpath and driveway reconstruction, kerb and gutter replacement, subsoil drainage and stormwater drainage
2019/076T Mini Tanker Fuel Supply
Supply of Mini Tanker Fuel
2019/075T Bulk Fuel Supply
Supply of Bulk Fuels
2019/074T Construction - Cell 9 Stage 2
Construct the second stage of Landfill Cell 09 at the Summerhill Waste Management Centre. Construction entails excavation to level, placement of engineered fill, installation of liner and leachate systems & connection to existing systems.
2019/060T Road Pavement Geotechnical Services - Standing Offer
Casual, on-demand supply of geotechnical testing and analysis, pavement investigation and design services for road infrastructure at various locations within the Newcastle local government area during the contract period.
2019/059T Road Pavement Deflection Testing Services - Standing Offer
Pavement deflection testing services on a casual on demand basis over a two year period
2019/055T Quality Assurance Engineer - Cell 9 Stage 2 Summerhill
Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Engineer is required to be engaged by the City of Newcastle to ensure the satisfactory construction of the landfill cell as per the design documentation.
2019/050T Traffic Management Services
Traffic Management Services
2019/006T Road Pavement Heavy Patching Services
The removal and reinstatement of failed flexible pavement (Heavy Patching) within the Newcastle City Council LGA. The works are casual, on demand over a two year period.
2020/406T Management of Microsoft Software Licensing
Provision of licensing solutions for Microsoft products and services.
2020/401Q L2020/401Q Local Online Accredited Training Programs for Small Business
2020/401Q Local Online Accredited Training Programs for Small Business
2020/385Q End Point Security Solution & Support
provision of an End Point Security Solution and Support Services, for up to 3 years, as outlined in the Service Specification.
2020/361T City Wide Trenchless Technology Rehabiliation Works 19-20
The provision of asset rehabilitation works to existing underground stormwater conduits using trenchless lining technology at various locations across the Newcastle Local Government Area.
2020/338Q Provision of Contracts Management Software
Provision of a Contracts Management Solution in accordance with the Service Specification
2020/324Q Stockton Coastal Management Plan
Complete a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton by the end of June 2020.
2020/322T Natural Areas Rehabilitation Services
The provision of bushland rehabilitation services, including revegtation and regeneration works, as well as ongoing tree planing and watering
2020/320T Design & Documentation - Art Gallery Redevelopment
The Scope of the Services to be provided is the architectural design and documentation of the Newcastle Art Gallery
2020/307T Cash In Transit Services
Cash collection and cash delivery services to various sites within the Newcastle area and a parking meter coin collection service..
2020/277T Processing of Recyclables
Collection and processing of recyclable waste
2020/251T Agile Project Management Consulting Services
Digital operating model implementation support Maintenance Provisions
2020/242T Provision of IT Support Services
Provision of an IT Service Desk and Service Management Services (ITSM)
2020/240T Bathers Way at Shortland Esplanade Construction
Work includes 300 metres of shared pathway, a new skate park (via novation) new amenities, improved pedestrian safety and general streetscape improvements. Documents are available electronically at .
2020/239T Shortland Esplanade Skate Park
The construction of a skate park at South Newcastle Beach. Works include skate bowls, quarter pipes, transitional skate sections and typical skate park street elements.
2020/194Q Sediment Transport Study & Coastal Hazard Assessment - Stockton Bight
The Service to be provided is the preparation and submission of both the Sediment Transport Study within the Stockton Bight AND the Coastal Hazard Assessment of Stockton Beach within the City of Newcastle Local Government Area
2020/177T Support Services for AV Systems
Provide Support Services for AV Systems
2020/167T Foreshore Park Masterplan Preparation
Preparation of a Landscape Master Plan for the Harbour Foreshore Precinct within the City's East End
2020/166Q Customer Experience Strategy Development
CN requires a partner to provide relevant research, facilitation and analysis services and the subsequent development of a draft Customer Experience Strategy and Action Plan
2020/165T Parking Infringement Processing Fees
Parking Infringement Processing Fees
2020/160T No. 1 Sportsground Upgrade
Construction works at No. 1 Sportsground to increase the size of the playing field, install new cricket wickets, turf new wicket & outer field, install new crickets screens and seating, install new boundary fencing to oval, upgrade floodlighting services
2020/144T IT Roles Recruitment Services
To provide recruitment services. Services include, but not limited to sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and placement of IT resources as part of the IT Operating Model transformation
2020/130T Civic Theatre Ticketing System
To provide ticketing and CRM software to market and sell tickets to live performances at a range of council venues. Council’s preference is for a cloud hosted SaaS solution.
2020/124T Stockton Beach Emergency Sandbag Works
Emergency sandbag works at Stone and Griffiths Streets
2020/114T Supply of Electricity to Small Sites
Supply of electricity for Council Small Market electricity sites with a contract start date of 1 January 2020.
2020/101T Community Surveys Hosting Services
Provide a Software as a Service (Sas) Solution for a community reference panel of approximately 2,500 participants know as Newcastle Voice for up to 4 years
2020/092T Supply of Electricity - Street Lighting, Large Sites, Generation Purchase
*Portion A: Supply of electricity for Streetlighting and Large Council sites(value is on estimated expenditure) *Portion B: Purchase of generated electricity from Council(value is on estimated income)
2020/081Q Implementation Services - Service Unit Plans
Planning and Implementation of Service Unit Plans (SUP's)
2020/063T Interim Operational Support Services
To provide interim operation support services to City Of Newcastle
2020/059T Intersection of Cowper and Kokera Street Wallsend - Detailed Design
Develop a detailed design for the signalisation of the intersection and augmentation of the Cowper Street Culvert based on earlier concept designs.
2020/057T ITOM Program Management Services
Deliver Program Management Services required to support and deliver ITOM program.
2020/055Q Procurement of Removable Bespoke Platform & Picnic Shelters
Supply of Removable Bespoke Platform & Picnic Shelters for Camp Shortland
2020/036T Traffic Signs & Traffic Equipment Supply
Supply and delivery of Traffic and Safety Signage
2020/011T WAN Connections for multiple sites
WAN Connections for multiple sites
2020/004T Aboriculture Technical Services
The service is primarily ad hoc tree inspection, assessment and reporting but may include other arboriculture services.
2020/001T Security System Upgrade - City Hall, Civic Theatre & Fort Scratchley
The scope of works involves the supply and installation of various items of security equipment to augment the existing security systems at each of these venues.
2021/066Q GIS Cloud Services - Hosted Managed Services
The provision of Enterprise GIS Managed Cloud Platform
2021/024T Customer Service Management Platform
Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Customer Service Management Platform (CSM) to be implemented, managed and supported by the selected supplier
2021/013Q Stevenson Park Play Equipment Installation and Softfall Surfacing
Underground Services, installation of play equipment and supply and install softfall surfacing
2021/002Q Supply and Delivery of Front End Loader for the Depot Store
Supply and Delivery of Front End Loader for the Depot Store