Public Art Reference Group


Boasting more artists per capita than any other city in Australia, Newcastle is a thriving creative hub.

Helping shape public art in Newcastle

The Public Art Reference Group (PARG) acts as an Advisory Committee to the City of Newcastle (CN) on public art. Their key objectives are to:

  • Provide guidance and advice to developers, artists, curators, CN staff and the community regarding public art in the public and private domain.

  • Ensure transparent commissioning processes that result in public art that reflects the local identity, diversity and community of Newcastle.
  • Ensure high standards of public art are delivered in the private domain, by outlining requirements regarding artistic excellence, local character, heritage and culture, invigoration of the public domain, sustainability and materiality, and maintenance.
  • Advocate for CN, providing leadership and ongoing support on all aspects of public art.
  • Review processes and procedures for public art and make recommendations for improvements and revisions of all documents, procedural or policy based, pertaining to public art.
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