Repair works, King Street breakwater

We are delivering a range of emergency repairs and long-term works to help manage, maintain and preserve Stockton's coastline.

These works include repairs to damage from erosion events and reinstating access for the community, including a new accessway to South Stockton Beach.

Coastal erosion events have exposed the foundations of the concrete surface, so both pedestrian and vehicle access to South Stockton beach remains closed and no vehicle access is available to the Stockton North Breakwater.

Once our repairs are complete, access will be reinstated for the community including recreational users and fisher folk to South Stockton beach, and also to Council and the Port of Newcastle for necessary operations.

What will our work involve?

We will start with the rehabilitation of a 68-metre rock revetment on the western end of the north flank of the Stockton North Breakwater. We are also constructing an accessway for pedestrians and operations vehicles from the end of King Street to allow access to South Stockton Beach, and we will reinstate the existing accessway to Stockton North Breakwater.

When is this happening?

Work is underway and we aim to complete them in April, subject to weather conditions.

The work will involve rock delivery trucks movement and the use of machinery which generates some noise. We will make every effort to minimise the impact and ensure noisy activities do not commence before 7am.