Road Occupancy Licence

A Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) is required for the use of part or all of a Council road (including roadway, footpath or nature strip within Council road reserve) to carry out works.

Apply for an ROL by completing our online form and providing the required supporting documents:

Apply here

Applications should be submitted and paid at least:

10 working days from the proposed start date

5 working days from the proposed start date

  • Full road closures
  • Complex closures including two or more streets
  • Works involving a crane, boomlift, elevated work platform or concrete pump
  • Footpath closures
  • Partial road closures

Submitting your application without sufficient time will incur a late fee and does not guarantee the application will be processed by the requested date. Applications may be rejected or requested to delay the start date to ensure a sufficient notification period can be provided.

ROLs can be issued for a maximum length of one month.

If a change of date for the works is required due to circumstances such as inclement weather, the applicant is required to notify  before 9am on the day the ROL is due to commence otherwise further fees may be applied.

Required supporting documents

Notification details
Public liability insurance
Traffic Control Plan (TCP), Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) or Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
Lift study and/or plant specifications

Requesting an extension or changing dates

To extend an existing ROL, you must submit an extension request 2 business days prior to your current licence expiring: 

Apply Here

The ROL can be issued for an extension up to a one month period. 

Please note if the scope of works has changed or the current ROL has expired, you will need to submit a new application.

If you want to modify the dates of an ROL that is currently under assessment (not yet approved), please email with the new dates and revised notification letter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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