Understanding Your Waste Charge


Local government plays an integral role in the provision of waste and recycling services to households.

Domestic waste must be properly managed to minimise risks to public health and protect the environment in a sustainable manner.

Councils are required under the Local Government Act 1993 to levy an annual charge for the provision of domestic waste management services for each parcel of rateable land for which the service is available. This is shown on your residential rates notice as a Domestic Waste Management Services Charge (DWMSC) and is separate to your property rates.

The Act requires that this charge reflects the ‘reasonable cost’ associated with the provision of these services.

This charge includes, but is not limited to:

  • Provision of a weekly kerbside general waste service and a fortnightly kerbside recycling and green waste service.
  • Provision of a bulk waste service.
  • Capital and maintenance requirements for plant and infrastructure related to the handling and management of domestic waste.
  • Community education and engagement on waste management and resource recovery services.

Do I have to pay the charge if I don't use the waste service?

Yes. The Act requires councils to levy the charge on all parcels of rateable land for which the service is available, whether or not it is actually used. It is considered that all property owners should contribute to the current and future provisions of waste services.