Report a Service Issue

Missed collection services

If your bin has not been serviced by 4pm on your collection day, please let us know.

Missed service requests must be lodged no later than two business days after your regular collection day, otherwise your bins will not be serviced until your next scheduled collection.

We endeavour to service reported missed bins within 72 hours of receiving notification. Please leave your bin on the kerb until it has been serviced.

How to notify us: Please call 02 4974 2000, or complete our missed collection form.

Get it right on bin night

By following these guidelines, you can help to ensure that your bins don't get missed by our collection vehicles:

  1. Have your bins on the kerb by 5am on your collection day. You may wish to put your bins out the evening beforehand.
  2. Face the front of your bins towards the kerb, with the wheels and handles pointing towards your house.
  3. Try to space your bins one metre apart from each other, and away from parked cars, trees and poles. This allows the lifting arm on our collection vehicle to reach in and pick up the bin.
  4. Avoid placing your bins underneath low hanging power lines or trees. Our collection vehicles need to raise the bins up high to tip them.
  5. Do not overload your bins. Our collection vehicles cannot lift bins that are too heavy.
  6. Take care to put only accepted waste items in your bins. If our collection drivers find that your bins are contaminated, they will not be serviced until you remove the offending items.

Bin repairs and replacements

Damaged bins

We will repair damaged bins free of charge. City of Newcastle endeavours to replace or repair general waste and green waste bins within two weeks, and recycling bins within three weeks, of a repair request being lodged.

After lodging a repair request, please put your bin on the kerb on your next regular general waste (red lid bin) collection day. A City of Newcastle officer will inspect the bin to determine if it can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced. Please continue to leave your bin on the kerb until 3pm on your collection day, until it has been repaired or a new bin has been issued. You can continue to use the bin during this time.

Missing/stolen bins

Before reporting a missing or stolen bin, please look up and down your street and check that your neighbours haven't taken your bin by mistake.

Found or abandoned bins

Should you find a bin that is not yours, please notify us and we will collect it as soon as possible. Please leave the abandoned bin on the kerbside for collection.

How to notify us: Please call 02 4974 2000, or complete our broken or missing bin form.