Curby Soft Plastics Recycling

Residents have diverted 17,000 bags of soft plastic from landfill within the first six months of the launch of the Curby Soft Plastics Program in Newcastle. That's equal to about seven tonnes of plastic—the same weight of four cars!

We're making it even easier for members to recycle soft plastic packaging, with CurbyTags now available for pick-up at four of our facilities during regular opening hours:

The Curby program, run by our project partners iQRenew and CurbCycle, offers a convenient way to recycle your household soft plastic packaging–such as shopping bags, chip packets, bread bags and bubble wrap–using your yellow-lid recycling bin.

While soft plastics are not ordinarily accepted via our kerbside recycling service (they can get tangled in the machinery and be difficult to separate from paper at the sorting facility), the Curby Program involves keeping soft plastics contained in tagged bags that can be filtered from other household recyclables.

Not a member yet? Joining the free program is simple, simply download the Curby app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can choose to have your CurbyTags delivered or collect them from one of the facilities above. To learn more, please visit the Curby website.

Please note:

  • The postal option for CurbyTags is still available via the CurbyApp.
  • Soft plastics must be collected inside shopping-bag sized plastic bags with handles. The bag must be able to tie a double knot to enclose the contents.
  • A CurbyTag must be placed on the bag to recycle it via our kerbside collection service. This allows the bagged soft plastics to be separated from other materials and prevents the contamination of other recyclables.
  • Soft plastics must never be placed loose in your yellow-lid bin.
  • If you don’t have access to a smart phone, you can still recycle your soft plastics through the free REDcycle program at participating supermarkets or through our Sort & Save service at Summerhill Waste Management Centre.