Live Performance Grants

Locally Made and Played - Supporting Local Businesses and Performers

City of Newcastle (CN) is home to some of Australia's best up and coming performers. We are proud to deliver the Locally Made and Played grant program to incentivise and support live performance in venues around the city. The program has supported over 240 live performances over four grant rounds since its inception in 2021.

Locally Made and Played is about more than just music, we welcome a variety of performers including dancers, comedians, poets, hulla hoopers and any other performers ready to make their mark.

This grant opportunity directly delivers on the objectives of CN's Economic Development Strategy, Newcastle After Dark Strategy and Live Music Strategy.

2023 Locally Made and Played grant program is open for application and closes 4 August 2023 (5pm).

Supporting Documentation:

Click here to submit your application for the 2023 Locally Made and Played grant program.

Visit our 'Tips and Tricks' page for helpful information to assist you with completing your application.

If you require assistance please email or call 02 4974 2000 and you will be put in contact with a staff member who can help with your enquiry.