A carport is an ancillary structure to a dwelling house that houses vehicles and can be attached or detached from the dwelling.

Do you need development consent to build a carport?

There is exempt development for carports, meaning that if you meet the criteria found in Subdivision 10, Carports, State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, you do not need to obtain development consent from Council or a Private Certifier.

Should the proposed carport not meet the exempt development criteria development consent will be required. Consent can be obtained either be a complying development certificate or a development application.

To complete a Complying Development Certificate the development must comply with the Part 3 Housing code Part 3, Housing Code, State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

Alternatively, a Development Application may be lodged and will generally need to meet the following criteria from the current Newcastle Development Control Plan (DCP)


Performance criteria

Acceptable solutions


1. Structures and vehicular access do not dominate the streetscape.


2. Structures are compatible with the scale and bulk of desired residential development character.


3. Vehicles can enter and exit the site in a safe manner.

1. The carport has a maximum floor area of 40m².


2. The carport has a maximum height of 4.5m above existing ground level.


3. Complies with acceptable solutions under Section 3.02.10 Car parking and vehicular access.


4. The minimum front setback is 1m behind the building line or 5.5m from the property boundary of the road frontage, whichever is the greater.


5. Side/rear setbacks:

a) The setback from side boundaries complies with the acceptable solutions under Section 3.02.04.

b) The minimum setback to the rear boundary is 900mm. Note: Allowable encroachments outlined under Section 3.02.04 continue to apply.


6. A carport has two or more sides open and not less than one-third of its perimeter open.


7. A carport on a laneway is setback a minimum 7m from the boundary on the opposite side of the laneway.