Secondary Dwellings - Granny Flats

A granny flat is defined as a secondary dwelling in planning legislation. The definition of a secondary dwelling is:

secondary dwelling means a self-contained dwelling that:

(a)  is established in conjunction with another dwelling (the principal dwelling), and

(b)  is on the same lot of land as the principal dwelling, and

(c)  is located within, or is attached to, or is separate from, the principal dwelling.

A secondary dwelling is not required to have separate vehicle access or separate services. A secondary dwelling cannot be subdivided from the principal dwelling.

Is a secondary dwelling permissible within the zoning of my site?
How big can I build a secondary dwelling?
Do I need development consent for a secondary dwelling?
Design Standards for secondary dwellings:
Can a secondary dwelling be a prefabricated/manufactured/transportable dwelling?
Will I have to pay Infrastructure contributions as well?
Flood and/ or bushfire affected land?
Next step?
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