Family Gatherings

Love the Ones You're With

Head outside, relax and enjoy some fresh air and quality time at our parks and beaches with your family and friends. We encourage it!

We want you to do this without having to worry about an area being reserved so bookings aren't essential in most instances for these types of activities. Some activities, however, are regulated under an approval from City of Newcastle just to make sure consideration is given to other users and nearby residents or businesses. Some of these instances include:

  • Events or activities where there'll be more than 50 people attending at any one time
  • Events or activities which require access to utilities (water or electricity) which is not already publicly accessible)
  • Events or activities where a commercial amusement vendor has been engaged (e.g. jumping castle or other inflatable device, petting zoo etc.)
  • Events or activities where a commercial caterer has been engaged and will serve or sell food on site
  • Events or activities where a temporary structure will be hired from a commercial vendor or brought to the site by an individual.

If none of the above instances apply to your event or activity you're welcome to go ahead and make use of any of our parks and beaches in conjunction with compliance signage in that area. Use is pretty much first in best dressed but consideration of other users is greatly appreciated. If you wish to make a booking even if not required to, fees and charges apply the same as if approval was required. You'll need to tell us which area of the park you want to book and this will be stipulated on your approval.

Where one or more of the above instances apply to your event or activity you'll be required to obtain approval from the City. Simply download the application form and send it in. We'll assess it and get back to you ASAP. Where approval is required, fees and charges apply. If an area has been booked the approval holder is asked to carry a copy of their approval with them.

There may be other instances not listed above which will require approval and we'll look at these on a case by case basis. Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements with you.


Newcastle's parks and beaches offer limited shelter from inclement weather or protection from the sun and therefore (with the exception of a few) we don't take bookings at shelters. If you have a booking they may be used as part of your event or activity but we ask they remain accessible by all members of the public at all times. The following shelters can be booked:

  • King Edward Park Rotunda
  • Foreshore Park Carriage Shed (western end only)
  • Centennial Park Rotunda
  • Lambton Park Rotunda
  • Dangar Park Rotunda
  • Wallsend Park Rotunda.

Blackbutt Reserve has a number of shelters which can be booked (in quite a unique setting we might add) so we recommend you have a look at these too!


Fixed barbecues can't be booked and should also remain accessible by all members of the public. If you'd like to bring your own portable barbecue, most small gas barbecues are permissible by the City provided you've checked the Fire Danger Ratings which may be in force as advised by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

It's also your responsibility to make sure the appliance and/or equipment is in safe working order. All risk is assumed by the user. If in doubt, don't use it. Please also visit NSW Rural Fire Service to learn about conditions of use when a Total Fire Ban has been declared.


Have you ever tried to tell a child they can't play? It doesn't go down very well so we don't take bookings for playgrounds either. These should remain accessible by everyone.

Questions? We're here simply Contact Us.